Synergetic Solutions Report

Topics: Change management Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Synergetic Solutions Report
Virginia Grant
October 3, 2011
Professor Michael Ballif

Synergetic Solutions Report
This internal report will discuss the upcoming changes within Synergetic Solution, it will cover internal and external forces of change as well as factors that leaders need to consider when implementing change strategies. It will describe change models and the communication necessary to implement changes, following an examination of at least five resistance types . Finally, it will examine which of these types of resistance leaders are likely to experience and strategies to manage each resistance. Synergetic Solutions faced several forces of change starting with the main external forces of change in technology. Synergetic began with more work than workers because there were only four employees with certifications on the new technology and a growing pipeline of work. An internal force of change with any organization would be the need to increase profitability. When attempting to expand in any business, being able to have a product or service that is in demand is essential. Profitability would increase when the product or service is in demand. However, when the project began, the business was not equipped to handle to demand expected. Technology throughout the organization had to be updated to handle the soon to be work load. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) addressed this concern by hiring three certified specialist and offering incentives to all employees for improved performance. By implementing these projects it would increase productivity as well as employee satisfaction as reflected in the Productivity actual at 4.95% with a target of 4.0% and actual at 1.25% with at target of 2.0%. According to "Lewin's Change Management Model" (n.d), “Unfreezing is the first stage of change that involves preparing the organization to accept that change is necessary, which involves break down the existing status quo before you build up a new way...
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