Synergetic Solutions Report

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Synergetic Solutions Report
Lisa Davis
May 30, 2010

Synergetic Solutions Report

Current Status Quo
University of Phoenix Human Relations and Organizational Behavior Simulation (2011) Synergetic Solutions was described as a $6 million dollar company in the business of systems integration. The company has 300 employees mostly in sales and services departments in five (5) locations across the East coast with only basic computer assembling skills. From the Chief Executive Officer's view point, the system integration market was stagnant. These two factors acted as stimulants for change for Synergetic to implement and design complex computing networks. According to Robbins and Judge (2007) there are six specific forces that act as stimulants for change: nature of workforce, technology, economic shocks, competition, social trends, and world politics. Of the six forces, changing nature of the workforce will act as a stimulant for change. Most of the employees have only basic computer assembling skills and trouble shooting skills with a few higher skilled employees operating as specialists, Synergetic may have to invest in large amounts of money training their employees on the latest computer technology and other skills of employees. CEO, Harold Redd, thought the system integration market was stagnant. Technology is another force of change identified by Robbins and Judge (2007) that will act as a stimulant for change. Robbins and Judge (2007) identified that computer networks can reshape the entire industry and that appears to be in line with developing a stagnant market. Competition is another force of change that Synergetic could use as a stimulus for change. CEO, trained four (4) engineers trained and certified on network technologies. This paid off as with increase in sales thus the $6million in revenues as the company's network business solutions account for 20% of the total revenues. Changing the Status Quo

CEO, Harold Redd, has a vision to raise revenue to 80% of total sales, targeted at $12 million in revenues at the end of nine (9) months. In addition, he has set quarterly growth targets for revenue and measures of employee involvement such as productivity and absenteeism, based on industry benchmarks. When implementing a change a leader need to take several factors into consideration. For example, a decision whether hierarchical changes and restructuring of job roles and responsibilities are needed and how much autonomy employees are given to the decision making process. A leader will also have to factor in the need for policies and procedures particularly evaluating if there is too little guidance given, or if there are unnecessary or inconsistent policies are followed. A leader need think about what strategies are needed to empower employees and introduce them to a different work style and how to get employees buy in to the changes. Given the inherent nature of change, a leader will face a number of barriers in bringing about a change and identify what strategies are needed to reduce the resistance of change. The change agent is the individual tasked with managing change activities. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Synergetic's change agent and has the responsibility of managing this major transformation. Specifically, the COO has been given a clear mandate to turn this business on its head and make Synergetic into a networking design "hothouse" from just a computer trading organization within the next nine (9) months.

Managing the Change
In order to effectuate change certain things that are needed: 1) Redesign the work environment and organization structure to move from present departmental structure to the new team based structure. 2) Develop new HR policies and programs to help with the transition

3) Upgrade employees skill sets and/or hire new employees with relevant skills With the advice from the organization's leaders and team of experts: CTO...
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