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Ensemble Musical Performance
The world of music not only consists of the note and tempo, but it alsoconsists of mountains of different type fantastic performance. Throughout the history of music, different area own its special music, different period own itsdistinctive feature of music and in this research I want to gain theknowledgeabout some special ensemble musical performances-- symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra is a kind of enormous ensemble performance and it always play the classical music or the music prepare for some movies. A large orchestra is sometimes called a "symphony orchestra" and a small orchestra is called a "chamber orchestra". In a Symphony Orchestra, there always over 70 people perform together and in some special there are even 100 people playing many different instruments in it.Symphony Orchestra is really a huge project in the world of music. Instrumentation:Symphony Orchestra consists of four main part:Stringed instruments, Woodwind, Brass instrument and Percussion(Stringed instruments contains violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp and piano. Woodwind containspiccolo, flute, the clarinet, oboe, English horn, bassoon, double bassoon and saxophone. Brass instrument contains cornet, trumpet, Trombone, French horn, soft tone number, Euphonium, tuba and Sousa Euphonium. Percussion containstimpani, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, gongs, Glockenspiel, xylophone, tubular bells, triangle, wooden fish, tambourine, castanets, sand bells, beads bells, wind chimes, celesta, Anvil, thunder plate, scraping gourd, whips, and other. While playing modern tracks, sometimes the music needs to also join the bass drums or Latin drum). Roles of instruments: Although there a number of instruments play in the symphony orchestra, every instrument plays an extremely influential role in the group. String instrument

Violin: The most prominently known instrument in a symphony orchestra is thegroup which plays the violin. It is...
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