Symphony Orchestra Analysis
Topics: Love, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Music, Orchestra, Mercutio / Pages: 3 (548 words) / Published: Oct 19th, 2016

The symphony orchestra consisted of three pieces, Last Round, Fire and Ice, and Serenade for Strings. Every performance was interesting in their own specific manners. It contained pieces that were exciting, suspenseful, delicate, smooth and an assortment of different feelings. In the piece "Last Round" I felt a couple of various sentiments. The principal development of the piece was quick and energetic. Listening to the exciting sounds made me feel as though I was viewing the 1960's slasher, 'Psycho'. It made me feel as though I was viewing the anticipation up until the shower scene where Marion Crane is killed. It helped me a lot to remember the music utilized as a part of that scene, and even that film. The second movement made me feel …show more content…
It begins with noisy, thrilling hints of anticipation which makes it clear that it is the fire of the piece. You then hear delicate, quiet sounds within the fire. Practically like a fire is getting greater and water is being tossed on top of it to put it out. Be that as it may, it just continues getting greater. At that point out of the blue, the fire begins to shrivel, however it gradually starts to become greater once more. Something I discovered special about this piece was the utilization of hands and strings, and hands beating on the instruments only at some points throughout Fire and Ice. The piece Serenade for Strings was an assortment of sounds that I wasn't anticipating. The main development begins as exceptionally empowering and strong, making me feel bliss and joy. To some degree helping me to remember music you would hear in a romantic story. At that point, once movements switched gears I heard delicate and sorrow sounds. The delicate and sorrow sounds then increased in volume. This piece was extremely unwinding to me. Almost as if you want to nod off to sleep then suddenly the music becomes more powerful jolting you back up right as you were about to fall

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