Symbolism: Reincarnation and Death Card King

Topics: Reincarnation, Death, Hope Pages: 8 (1086 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Symbolism Cheater Sheet (with Twenty Examples) Ana Suderman 12-1


Diamonds: shallow love, forever, greed,

Rings: eternal commitment, unbreakable

Record player:retro, throw back to old times,

Skipping Record: dark history, old killer, forgotten place,

Static:old killer, impending doom,

TV:portal, link, to the outside world,

Radio:link, information, retro

In Car Radio:Romance,
Ex1. At the beginning of Zodiac, the two teens are sitting in a car about to consummate their relationship while the radio plays.

Coats:disguises the character while revealing parts of the character

Sunglasses: hides the eyes/ soul, aloof, mourning,

Glasses:knowledge, logic, seeing more than what’s apparent,

Shattering Glass: end of innocence,

Music box:grotesque, childhood’s end, utopia

Ace of Spade:death card

King of Hearts:suicide king, death

Cross: sacrifice, martyr, savior,

Bells:death, new beginnings,

Beds:illness, prison, insanity,

Bars:prison, no escape,

Windows:20freedom, escape,

Birds on Window Sills: hope, freedom, escape just out of reach,

Trees:life, family, growth, old times, escape, wisdom

Dead Trees: end of the past, forgotten past,

Vehicles:freedom, escape, future, time, passing of the ages, inlet to character

Motorcycles: free spirit, danger, excitement,

Road: freedom, escape to a better place,
Ex2. In Vanishing Point, Kowalski decides to escape his mundane life by taking to the road and running from the cops.

Train:American Dream, throwback to an older time, hideout, dichotomous, entrapment, opportunity,

Boats:passage to freedom, escape to better life,

Planes:freedom, modern escape,

Buses: poor travel, life,

Tickets:adventure, chance, see the world,

Names:inlet to character

Colors:inlet to mood, setting,

White:innocence, naivety, snow, pure, angelic, day,
Ex3. Gandalf, in The Lord of the Rings, comes back in white robes, showing his pure power and intentions to defeat Sauron.

Black: evil, death, darkness, blind, hidden, unknown, night, intimidating power,

Red:blood, meat, primal strength, hunger, lust, passion,

Purple:royalty, wine to water,

Blue:justice, purity, innocence, power(good), heaven and water, limitless, imagination, freedom,

Green:life, nature, rebirth, spring, new beginning, health,

Yellow:death, caution, excitement,



Garden:utopian prison, “safe jungle”, escape, life, growth, + evil,

Forest:mystery, evil,


Island:utopias, paradise vs. prison
Ex4. On Lost, the survivors of flight 815 are split between those who want to escape and those who see the island as their savior.

City:change, corruption, opportunity,

Carnival:evil, sinister, grotesque, fun, adventure,
Ex5. In the video game Assassin’s Creed 2, Ezio kills one of his target during the carnival in Venice, hiding among the dancers in order to get close enough to shoot his target.

Boardwalk:romance, calm, innocence,

Castle:utopia, family, prison, royalty,

Mansions:mini-castles, wealth, unhappiness, lack of family, Ex6. In the movie/musical Annie, Oliver Warbucks lives in an empty mansion and is a lonely, mean, old man.

Cottage:false hope, evil,
Ex7. In Hansel & Grettel, that’s where the scary old witch is.

Rooms:inlet to character

Farm:family, hard work, tradition, positive change, grounded, rediscovery, Ex8. In the Superman mythology, Kent Clark gets his morality from his adoptive parents on a farm in Smallville, Kansas.

Barns:safety, birth, goals, community, fire,

Mountains:barrier, goals,
Ex9. The mountains force the fellowship into Moria, in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Valley:fertile, hope, promising,

Hollow/”Holler”: hidden, forbidden, hiding...
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