Symbolism in the Old Man and T

Topics: The Old Man and the Sea, Boy, Joe DiMaggio Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: October 8, 1999
In Ernest Hemingway’s masterpiece, The Old Man and the Sea, he uses much symbolism to assist the readers understanding of the massage he is trying to portray. The Old Man and the Sea isn’t just a book about an old man and the sea. There are many hidden meanings to it. Each element represents different things. The marlin, for example, represents strength, beauty and the last challenge we all go though. The lions in his dreams resemble youth, freedom, and also strength. Santiago, the old man, symbolizes Christ in many ways and other people and things symbolize different things like the young boy, Manolin. Manolin, the young boy, that followed Santiago was not fishing with the old man because his parents forced him to, actually he was told to stay away form the old man because he was bad luck, but because he wanted too. He liked to be around the old man and listen to what he had to say. When the old man would look at Manolin he would see himself at a younger age, someone who cared more about the elderly and their heritage than the new ways bestowed on them. Manolin symbolized the disciples of Jesus. The ones who would follow him to his death and then go out and preach his ways. He believes in the old man and takes charge and tells all the other fisherman to stay away from Santiago after his return. He would take care of the old man when he said to him “Keep warm old man. Remember we are in September.” Manolin only wanted good things for Santiago, he did not want anyone to hurt him or put him down for his accomplishments. He wants to learn from the old man and to listen to what he had to say about him as a young man or of Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio represents many things to the old man. Santiago sees DiMaggio as an equal. One whose father was a poor fisherman just like he is. When he was out fishing he thought to himself, would the great DiMaggio ever stay this long as he did and quickly replied to himself that DiMaggio is...
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