Symbolism in Scarlet Letter Graphic Organizer

Topics: Prison, Rose, The Scarlet Letter Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Symbolism in Scarlet Letter Graphic Organizer

Symbol| Evidence/Function| Analysis|
light /shadow| "Relieve the darkening close of a tale of human frailty and sorrow" with "some sweet moral blossom."| The scarlet letter is the truth,| scaffold| In chapter is seen with Hester and pearl seen again in chapter 12 | Known for the public as the spot to show everybody’s sin and judge them. Makes you knowledge your mistakes and sins with others judging you constantly.| rosebush and weed| These roses would “offer their fragrance and fragile beauty to the prisoner.” (42)| Rose bush grows in such an unlikely place to offer comfort to prisoners entering the jail and forgiveness from Nature to those leaving it to die on the scaffold. The rosebush by the window of the prison is wild. It symbolizes freedom from the confinement of society. These soft, red roses offer a small but bold contrast to the strict, black and white world of the puritans. The vibrant flowers give a splash of life to the monotonous, dreary scene| the letter “A”| Is placed on Hesters chest and is described in chapter 1 and 11| A is the symbol of sin and punishment in the beginning society. She has a spirited soul that differentiates her from other in the society.| colors| Pages 48,129,139,251Pearl makes a boat out of green grass since her mother isn’t allowed to sow wedding dresses anymore.| Red represents blood. Hester committed a sin and is banned from society because of it. Pearl is known as the pleasure and punishment of Hester. Gold is the royal significance. Purple is what Hester uses for her needle work.| forest| Hawthorne portrays how a black man roams the forest and is like an evil spirit. | Known as the evil place to the puritans. Only in the forest is the time Dimmesdale and Hester can be together because the puritan society can’t see them together it’s just makes her case worst.| Salem| | |
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