Symbolism in Run Lola Run

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"Run Lola Run"

"Run Lola Run" is a high action audience award winning German film. The exhilarating film takes the viewer through an intensely fast paced journey to find an answer to Lola's boyfriend's problem. Lola finds herself making life altering decisions on the spot as she sprints through the plot. The movie keeps you on edge as it accelerates through the storyline. The actual timeline of the story is only twenty minutes, but the story takes a twist to explore the idea of the butterfly effect.

The film takes you through different scenarios of Lola's adventure to find the money to help her boyfriend. The majority of the film focuses on Lola's sprint through the city, and the people she encounters on the way. The choices Lola makes affects the other character's lives drastically. Each time she runs through those twenty minutes she affects the people around her differently, because she chooses to make a few different decisions. In the end she chooses to put herself in the hands of luck and hope for the best, which ends up being the best decision.

This idea of going with the flow and letting life take its course, shows how it can be the best decision to not make one at all. The previous times that Lola tried to control what happened in her life, the story took a turn for the worst. When she chose a way to benefit herself, it ended up hurting others and in the end hurt herself, but when she let go she didn't hurt anyone.

The color red was used in the film to emphasize certain aspects of Lola's life. The red accents the rushed plotline, the love between Lola and Manni, and the blood of them both. In the beginning, the call to Lola is answered on a red phone which shows its urgency and stresses the red throughout the movie. Lola's fiery red hair highlights her speed, as she nearly runs through the entire movie. There are scenes where Lola and Manni are together and are seemingly illuminating red light, which exhibits their passion. In...
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