Symantec's Erp Turmoil Report

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Customer service, Customer relationship management Pages: 11 (3450 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Executive Summary
The Symantec Corporation specializes in security and information management. However, in 2005 Symantec acquired Veritas Software a company that specialized in storage management. This sparked Symantec to turn towards standardization and unification of both Veritas and Symantec systems through ERP rollouts entitled Project Oasis.

What made Symantec an effective business were the communication and information systems they invoke when selling their products. In this, Symantec uses a broad differentiation strategy as well as during the Project Nero Symantec reacted by implementing a decision-making model and the CRM to assist with the drop in customer loyalty.

The issues faced by Symantec’s ERP system overhaul can be deduced by three main elements, Management: the merging of two largely customized Oracle E-Business Suite 11d systems. Organizational: The businesses lack of preparation at the operational level for the influx of confused customer calls and the Technological: The information overload on Symantec’s website and the change to the SKU system. The collection of these issues can be said to have caused the breakdown of Project Oasis.

The response to the breakdown of Project Oasis with the quick development of Project Nero can be said to be adequate in that the company had implemented strategies to rebuild customer loyalty, travelling to partnered businesses to rebuild bonds and informing customers of future updates that will take place on the system during Project Nero. This enabled Symantec to increase customer satisfaction in the long run.

Overall there was no correct way to implement a successful ERP rollout as it came with many issues along the way. However, Symantec could have prepared in two main areas: education and preparation of staff and research into the integration of two customized ERP systems. This should have stopped the higher than usual defection rate of customers.

In analysing the customers and partners of Symantec it can be said that the relationship and past experiences will need to be taken into account. It has also been confirmed that customers with no attachments are likely to switch to a different brand. Therefore reestablishment of the brand will need to take place once the problem is solved. Symantec needs to implement control measures that can monitor the entire process, from feed forward, concurrent and feedback controls to help prevent any future problems occurring. Therefore, this case will discuss the overall integration issues of Symantec and Veritas ERP systems in Project Nero and the future plans and recommendations for the success of Project Nero.

This case study will analyse the issues faced by the Symantec Corporation in 2005 when the company acquired Veritas Software and began Project Oasis, the merging of both Symantec and Veritas customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Firstly, the case study will analyse the communication and information systems concepts within the structure of Project Oasis. These structures will involve the analysis of the differentiation strategy against the competitors and the development of Symantec’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to fix the issues related to the integration of Symantec and Veritas. This will then lead into the discussion of the overhauling of the two ERP systems and the difficulties in this integration due to the management, organisational and technological differences between the two companies. The case study will then lead into the quick development of Project Nero, a strategy that became an adequate solution to the issues relating to the lack of planning between the two businesses upon unification of both Symantec and Veritas ERP systems. This will then allow the discussion of what Symantec and Veritas should have done differently, in that the planning and organisation of their operational level staff that may have lessened the defection of...

References: Bogomolova, S 2008, 'The impact of reasons for brand defection on post-defection consumer brand equity ', Birmingham, England 15-16 April, 2008, pp. pp. 1-15.
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