Sylvia and Her First Job Interview

Topics: Impending Doom, English-language films, Father Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Autobiography Essay
Aug 30, 2012(August 19, 2009)

“Come on Sylvia, you will be late for the interview!”, I could hear my father yell from the kitchen as I sat in my room nervously fussing over my makeup. Today was a big day for me, it was my first job interview for a position at the local McDonald’s. My stomach flip flopped at the thought of it all. I was very shy so the thought of having to sit and be interrogated with questions from a stranger was enough to send me into a panic. I looked in the mirror and smoothed out the front of my shirt, a pink and yellow top with brown dress slacks. “You can do this Sylvia, it’s nothing to be afraid of.” I told myself, though my stomach thought otherwise. Looking at the time I took a deep breath and left my room, heading for the kitchen to ,what felt like, my impending doom. Father was waiting there impatiently, as he saw me he just grunted and went out the front door. I followed after him, only stopping outside the door briefly to make sure I had all my stuff. Dad was already buckled up and had the engine started as I approached his SUV. The poor thing was so covered in the dirt from the road it was a wonder how dad could see out the windows. I climbed into the front passenger seat , wrinkling my nose at the smell of the inside. My dad’s fishing hobby was apparent by the fish smell of the interior of the SUV, and the 7 fishing poles stuffed in the back also gave it away. As Dad began to pull out of the driveway I felt my stomach churn again. Dad noticed and awkwardly patted my head saying “It will be alright kiddo”. My dad wasn’t the best at comforting but I was grateful for any comforting gesture at the moment. I watched the trees and houses go by as Dad drove, the 15 minute drive seemed like a eternity to me. I watched as the trees and houses turned into shops and sidewalks as we entered town. We were almost there, I could see it up on the hill. The site made me nauseous all over again as I tried...
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