Syllibus for Hisstory

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The North Central Texas College (NCTC) Course Syllabus provides the following as required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB): (1) a brief description of the course including each major course requirement, assignment and examination; (2) the learning objectives for the course; (3) a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion; and (4) any required or recommended readings. Contact information for the instructor is also provided. The Course Syllabus also provides institutional information to indicate how this course supports NCTC’s purpose and mission. Information specific to a particular section of the course will be included in the Class Syllabus and distributed to enrolled students.

Course Title: U.S. History from 1865|
Course Prefix & Number: HIST1302| Section Number: 420| Term Code:| Semester Credit Hours: 3| Lecture Hours: 3| Lab Hours: 0| Course Description (NCTC Catalog):A continuation of HIST1301. A general survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present. This course is required for graduation and teacher certification| Course Prerequisite(s): None|

Course Type:  - Academic General Education Course (from Academic Course Guide Manual but not in NCTC Core) - Academic NCTC Core Curriculum Course  - WECM Course|

Name of Instructor:| Kevin Pyle|
Campus/Office Location:| Corinth 321|
Telephone Number:| 940-498-6295|
E-mail Address:| Contact me through Angel|

Name of Chair/Coordinator: | Crystal R.M. Wright|
Office Location:| Gainesville Campus, Room 824|
Telephone Number:| 940-668-7731, ext 4320|
E-mail Address:||


Tindall and Shi. America: A Narrative History. 8th ed. Norton. ISBN #978-0-393-93405-2

COURSE REQUIREMENTS, EVALUATION METHODS AND GRADING CRITERIA # of Graded Course Elements| Graded Course Elements| Percentage or Points Values| 3| Exams| 30 pts. each|
2| Quizzes| 15 pts. each|
1| Video Project| 50 pts. Each|
1| Final Exam| 50 pts. |


A quality general education curriculum in all associate degree programs.  Quality freshman and sophomore level courses in arts and sciences which parallel the lower division offerings of four-year colleges and universities.  Quality technical programs leading directly to careers in semi-skilled and skilled occupations, and quality technical education programs up to two years in length leading to certificates and associate degrees.  Quality programs and services in support of adult literacy and basic skills development as a mean of workforce enhancement and expanding access to higher education.


NCTC seeks to implement its goal of offering quality general education curriculum in all associate degrees by offering a core of general education courses designed to help students achieve academic, career and lifelong goals. Acquiring knowledge, thinking critically, and utilizing the methodologies of various disciplines exposed students to experiences that serve to advance their personal growth. The chief focus of the General Education Core Curriculum at NCTC is to emphasize Exemplary Educational Objectives and Basic Intellectual Competencies.


The purpose of the History, Humanities, and Philosophy Department is to provide students at NCTC a strong foundation in the liberal arts that is essential for career success, leadership, global citizenship, and a lifetime of learning. The department provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of the...
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