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English 301 Professional Writing & Communication
SUNY Canton
Spring 2013

Instructor: Eunjyu Yu, PhDOffice: FOB 520| Email: yue@canton.eduPhone: 315-386-7681|

Professional Writing & Communication is focused on preparing you to enter any workplace and assess communication expectations: Who is my audience for this document or presentation? What is my purpose? How can I best convince this audience to follow my instructions or learn this concept or respond positively? We’ll focus on the wide range of audiences, genres, and contexts that professionals commonly encounter, including the ethical issues that writers need to consider.

To help you develop the skills and strategies you need to create successful communication, this course relies on strong interaction among class members. Each assignment builds toward the next: to be successful, you need to stay actively involved in the class, ask questions, and submit assignments on time. I recommend logging on daily Monday through Saturday to stay on top of your course work.

Course Description
Professional communication is specialized writing and communication that helps students respond to the challenges of a technical world. In this course, students, as professionals, will analyze needs and concerns for specific workplace situations, organize effective solutions, and prepare and produce the needed memos, reports, presentations, web-sites and/or other items, which will then be assessed and evaluated by other students acting as intended users. Students will create, design, and package these documents, selecting appropriate communication technology to accomplish the task, and will then display the technical data in writing and visually, as well as present such information orally when applicable. Students should be familiar with desktop publishing and electronic presentations.

Course Goals
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
| Course Objective| Institutional SLO|
a.| identify what forms and formats of technical professional writing and communication are traditionally used on the job, choose an appropriate style for communicating specific information, analyze audience needs and interests and then present the information in written or oral form| 1. Communication2. Crit. Thinking4. Inter-Intrapersonal| b.| develop and establish their credibility as authors by writing directions, memos, e-mails, reports, manuals, and other workplace oriented material, either individually or as part of a collaborative team, as well as evaluate the ethical implications of their own and others’ work| 1. Communication2. Crit. Thinking3. Prof. Competence4. Inter-Intrapersonal| c.| research specific workplace situations/problems that require a written or oral response or solution using traditional (library, surveys, interviews, etc.) and/or innovative research methodology as necessary| 1. Communication2. Crit. Thinking3. Prof. Competence| d.| design and develop written items that have a clear-cut purpose and will be proficient in delivering such information in the appropriate form| 1. Communication2. Crit. Thinking4. Inter-Intrapersonal |

At the top of the Assignment Sheet for each unit, I will review the goals specific to that unit and explain how activities will help you reach those goals.

Textbook (Required)
Kolin, P. (2012). Successful Writing at Work (Concise Third Edition). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. (The e-book is available for purchase or rent at

Course Expectations
This syllabus represents my contract with you for this semester. You will also receive handouts detailing individual writing assignments. You are responsible for reading and understanding all of these documents and for asking questions in a timely manner. Below are some general guidelines for successfully navigating this course. For more information on learning in an online...
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