Topics: Electronic commerce, Management information system, Information technology management Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 9, 2015

Office Hours: Fridays 10:00-12:00 367 Sage
TA Hours: 24/7 Blackboard Discussion Board or by appointment TA’s: David Na, Shashank Adimulam, Nick DeTullio, Sarah Alabdullatif, Santosh Rayadhurgam. Objective: Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Management Information Systems. All major technologies and organizational issues are introduced, with an emphasis on running a business over the computer networks.

Electronic Resources:
All electronic resources will be at Lecture slides will be in the Course Documents folder. They will be ready 2 hours before each lecture. Required readings will be in the Web Links folder, the week they are assigned. Assignments will be in the Assignments folder the week they are assigned. Electronic help will be available on the discussion board. Post your questions anytime, and the TA’s will respond within 3 hours on average 24/7. Lecture videos will be available with one week delay at

Grading: 5 Assignments 50 points
Exam 50 points

Attendance is not required. You can attend any section irrespective of your registration, or not attend at all, since lectures are online in text and video. You do not have to notify the professor about missing class.

Assignments will have both computing and essay questions. You can choose to do only essays, only computing questions, or a mix of the two. Exam will be closed-book, and all essay questions. Sample exam questions are the essay questions in the assignments. All assignments are optional. If you don’t do an assignment or if you do poorly, those 10 points will be allocated to your exam automatically.

S/U option is available, and requires 40 points to pass. Most S/U students...
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