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Lenoir-Rhyne University

Course Prefix and Number: FYE 191.10
Course Title: Gender, Race, Metaphor
Instructor: Edgar G. Foster (Ph.D.)
Required Texts and Other Materials: Sylvan Barnet and Pat Bellanca, A Short Guide to College Writing (fifth edition). ISBN: 9780205238613; Cornel West, Prophesy Deliverance (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002). ISBN: 978-0664223434. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot (Broadway, 2011)—summer read.

Course Description: This FYE course will explore the social relationship between gender, race, and texts. It will examine why metaphors have been called “dangerous things.” Students will discover the social import of metaphors by means of select readings, films, guest speakers and experiential learning. The approach to these issues will be practical and theoretical. Three credit hours with no prerequisites.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

describe the key elements of their own transition to university life describe the thinking and living habits essential to personal and academic success find, evaluate and use information proficiently

communicate clearly and precisely, both orally and in writing, on the section topic clearly articulate LR’s Common Learning Goals, Mission, and Values

Specific Course Objectives: (1) Provide acculturation for first year students; (2) Students will learn how to write a research paper on race and metaphor; (3) Students will develop the ability to grasp the conceptual relationship between metaphors and common social categories; (4) Help students to develop a working knowledge of philosophical nomenclature; (5) Students will learn how to think deeply and seriously about race and gender; (6) Students will give class presentations on gender and race.

Manner of Evaluation: unit quizzes (20%), experiential learning and acculturation (20%), two formal papers drafted and revised which will total at least 2000 words (25%), group work presentations (10%), final exam (25%)

Office Number: Rhyne 258

Office Hours: 10:45-12:00 P.M. on Thursday or by appointment. General Teaching Methods: LAMP will be used along with lectures, class discussions, experiential and service learning, writing assignments and media sources.

Phone number: 828-757-0097
Class Meeting Time and Location: 12:15-1:30 in Rhyne 259.
No Special Requirements.
Grading scale: A = 100-93; A- = 92-91; B = 90-83; B- =82-81; C= 80-73; C- = 72-71; D = 70-69; D- = 68-65; F= 64 or lower. General Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend classes and laboratories as specified by the instructor, who will state his/her attendance policy in writing at the beginning of the semester. No ‘allowed’ number of absences is automatically granted to a student in any course. Ordinarily, a student will not receive credit if he/she misses more than 25% of the scheduled class meetings unless extenuating circumstances exist. (Lenoir-Rhyne University General Catalog).

FYE Attendance Policy: If you are involved in LR athletics, music, or other groups that will require you to miss class, you must inform me before the expected absence. If you are ill, please notify me as soon as possible. You are allowed two unexcused absences for the semester; for each additional unexcused absence, your final grade will drop by one-half of a letter grade (i.e., 5 points). Also, in accordance with university policy, if you miss 25% of the class meetings (for any reason), you will fail the class.

Academic Integrity Statement: A fundamental purpose of a liberal education is its attempt to cultivate in the student a sense of honor and high principles pertaining especially to academics, but extending to all areas of life. An inherent feature of Lenoir-Rhyne is its commitment to an atmosphere of integrity and ethical conduct. As a student of Lenoir-Rhyne, I accept as my...
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