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Popular Music in America: The Beat Goes On, 4th ed. by Michael Campbell Schirmer, CENGAGE Learning. This book is available in hard copy from the boostore or as an ebook (6 months) from the publisher at its website: Whichever you purchase you must get the Digital Music Downloads Printed Access Card which gives you access to all the songs covered in the book.. The card, if ordered alone from the publisher, is: ISBN10:1-285-05737-6 or ISBN-13: 978-1-285-05737-8

The Pop, Rock, and soul Reader, 2nd ed. by David Brackett; Oxford University Press

Recorded Examples: A collection of 182 (partial) songs used for in-class demonstration and for the listening quizzes is available in mp3 format on Blackboard. You can listen on your computer and/or download them. (As it says below, there are typos on a few of these files; all the correct information is in Content on blackboard under “INFO FOR ALL QUIZ SONGS”.)


No previous musical knowledge or experience is assumed in this course. We will begin with the basics and explain all the concepts carefully. Our aim is to help you perceive and understand the musical workings of popular music more deeply, to get some idea of what it is to think and listen like a musician, to understand the historical context and importance of different genres, and see cross-influences among them. You will be expected to learn and understand some technical musical terms, and to recognize details of rhythm, form, instrumentation, and style in the music you hear. For some of you this may be very difficult; if you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to ask us for help during office hours. Course Work

Reading: You will find each week’s reading assignments on Blackboard. It is very important that you keep up with the reading for each class and listen (repeatedly!) to the musical examples. As you listen, try to identify musical and stylistic elements.

Listening: Plan to spend substantial time each week listening to recorded examples. When doing assigned reading in the textbook, listen to the examples discussed, and follow the listening guide in the book.

Make note of these dates now since NO EXCEPTIONS to this schedule will be made. An unexcused absence from an exam will be graded a 0. Make-up exams will only be given only in serious and well-documented circumstances. If you miss any of the exams because of a medical emergency (doctor’s note required), get in touch with me or one of the TA’s as soon as you possibly can. Under no circumstance should you let more than 2 days go by without notifying me if you have missed an exam or quiz. (Ahead of time is always best and gives you the best chance for consideration.) The exams will include material from the text AND from the lectures; all together they are worth 70% of your final grade.

Note on talking in class: In a large class such as this, it is vitally important to keep any talking to an absolute minimum. This applies both during lectures AND while music is playing. If your talking sufficiently disturbs the class, you will be given a warning and your name will be taken down. The second time this ccurs (and every subsequent time) your grade will be lowered by one grade (e.g. A becomes A-; B+ becomes B).

Initial Paper/Attendance : Your initial paper will count as 10% of your grade. You will be given a grade from 1 (very poor) to 10 points (excellent). One point will be deducted for filing to submit your CD topic on time. (Details of the paper are given below.) Due to class size, we will not formally take attendance in this class. As is true of most classes, however, your chances of performing well on the exams are considerably better if you attend class regularly. In fact, it is safe to say that few have ever earned an “A” in this class without attending consistently. Exams are based largely on lecture material,...
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