Syllabus 2

Topics: Database, Database management system, SQL Pages: 5 (1288 words) Published: April 18, 2015

FACULTY MEMBER: Frank Richey TERM:Spring 2015

COURSE TITLE:Data Management

COURSE SCHEDULE: Monday 1:30 am – 4:00 pm
TEXT BOOK:Title: Modern Database Management, 11th edition Author: Jeffrey A. Hoffer, V. Ramesh, Heikki Topi 


Office hours: Are held in classroom an half hour before and after class.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course covers the concepts of databases and data base usage, database system concepts and architecture, data modeling using the entity-relationship model, record storage and primary file organizations, index structures for files, relational model concepts, SQL-the relational database standard, relational database design , examples of relational database management systems: Oracle, database design, database recovery techniques, database security and authorization, data warehousing and data mining. This course provides an understanding of the issues in man aging database systems as an essential organizational Resource. Students learn the enterprise data architecture Components, data storage configurations, and information retrieval methods. Focus will expand from the relational model to the multidimensional l model, and include object-relational techniques, data security and data recovery.

GOAL A: Understand concepts covered in class that relate to Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) in a contemporary business environment. Learning Outcomes: The student will be able to:
A-1Examine and research topics of current interest specific to data management concepts A-2 Produce data reports
A-3 Distinguish between data models
A-4 Design a working database
GOAL B: Gain an appreciation of the technologies involved in data-based systems and applications. Learning Outcomes: The student will be able to:
B-1 Identify through use, data modeling concepts
B-2 Distinguish between database technologies
B-3 Develop quires and reports
B-4 Identify hardware required to support/operate a DBMS environment GOAL C: Become familiar with data warehousing and data mining concepts Learning Outcomes: The student will be able to:
C-1Identify practical applications of data warehousing and data mining C-2 Identify advantages and disadvantages of data warehousing and data mining systems

GOAL D: Understand the value of Database Recovery and Database Back-up Planning Learning Outcomes: The student will be able to:
D-1 Describe from a business perspective, the importance of Data base Recovery D-2 Identify strategies and methodologies for backing-up data D-3 Demonstrate knowledge of requirements for the development of a Database Back-up Plan

Student must complete the assigned “on-line writing evaluation”. Tutoring is free at the Student Success Center, DAC 219. Take the problems you have difficulty with you, to the center so they know where to focus your assistance. Go to blackboard and log into the course. Click on “Online Tutoring” from the menu.

Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the specified due dates of that assignment. 10% will be immediately deducted if they are not presented to the instructor at the beginning of class. An additional 10% will be deducted each day at class time (including weekends) until the assignment is submitted. METHODOLOGY:

A. Teaching Methods: Cell phones will not be tolerated during class. Cell phones must be turned off during class (not on vibrate). If you must leave your phone on, please discuss this with the instructor, who will provide instructions for you. Do not text-message during class. This can be very distracting to other students. STUDENTS WHO ARE USING CELL PHONES DURING CLASS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. While I am not fond of having laptops in class, I do realize that some students may want to use laptops for...
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