Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics, Case study Pages: 7 (1864 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Office Hours - BUS 344
TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon
Office Hours - BUS 344
TUES/THURS: 10am – Noon
Denise Kleinrichert, Ph.D.
San Francisco State University
Seminar – Business & Society (BUS 682)
Fall 2013 – Tuesdays

Course Objectives:
This course emphasizes the theories and practices of the ethical, social, environmental, political, and legal aspects of business decision-making and leadership practices. These areas reflect the mutual impacts of profit, non-profit and government organizations in the U.S. and globally on business stakeholders. Course activities will hone your critical analysis and interpersonal verbal, presentation, and writing skills. In this seminar, you will contribute to the collective learning environment reflective of a business meeting: * through assigned text and supplementary business news articles/readings prior to class * through analytical writing using formal business Memos * by working on small group analytical exercises and case study debates  * using self-motivation to apply your own skills as an individual business analyst

Required Course Text:Business & Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy – 14th ed.
Anne T. Lawrence & James Weber, McGraw-Hill Irwin (2014): ISBN 978-0-07-802947-9 Supplementary Readings: Articles - posted on iLearn
Business news online: SFSU Library has Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Economist, Inc. Magazine and others online for your research. The SF Business Times and other business publications via this link:

Key Concepts in this Course:
Corporate Culture & Leadership Stakeholder Model:
Corporate Social Responsibility Business-Government Relations
Ethical Organizations & Managerial Reasoning Employee/Workplace Responsibilities
Global Corporate Citizenship & Market ImpactsCommunity RelationsCorporate Power & Competitive MarketsEnvironmental Impacts
Technology: Global & Social Forces Supply Chain Responsibility
Ecology & Environmental Management in BusinessConsumer ProtectionSustainable Business & Triple Bottom Line Stockholder Rights Course Requirements:
* Participation: 25% (150 pts)
Attendance & Participation (class involvement).
* Hint: Have you demonstrated active participation throughout each and every class & in group exercises using application of assigned readings and case studies? Are you fully engaged in each discussion? Due: Every class – I take attendance and note self-motivated participation!! Grading: = 0 - 10 pts each class (POINTS reduced for arriving late / leaving early / nonparticipation*)

* iLearn Forums: 25% (150 pts)
Weekly iLearn Forums respond to posted questions about the assigned chapters and to one another – analytical, individually written one to two paragraphs in your own words (NO copied wording; NO quotes!) * Hint: Does your Forum discussion demonstrate: your comprehension of the assigned readings & your own analysis of the key concepts/arguments from the readings? Further Guidelines are posted on iLearn. Due: prior to start of each class. [NO make-ups, late, hardcopy or emailed submissions!] Grading: 0 - 10 pts each complete iLearn Forum (points reduced for incomplete/incorrect/needed edits)

* Quizzes: 25% (150 pts)
* Five 30 minute timed iLearn short answer (1 – 2 paragraphs each question) quizzes throughout the semester are based on chapter readings, case studies and class discussions! Hint: Read all chapters and case studies PRIOR to taking the quiz – 30 minutes goes by fast!

Grading: 0 - 30 pts each quiz [0 for missed Quiz - NO make-ups]

* Case Study Presentations 25% (150 pts)
Two Case studies: (a) Partnership (3 colleagues) research...
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