Topics: Mathematics, Real number, Set Pages: 4 (296 words) Published: February 17, 2013

Total Marks : 100

External Theory : 90

Internal Assessment : 10


(a) Meaning and Nature of Mathematics.

(b) Values and role of Mathematics in Life.

(c) Objectives of Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary School Stage and formation of objectives in

behavioural domain (B.S. Bloom's taxonomy).


(a) Principles of curriculum constructions – Selection and Organization.

(b) Difference b/w Examination, Evaluation and Measurement.

(c) Constructing Test Items – Essay type, Objective type and Objective based questions.


(a) Methods of Teaching –Analytic, Synthetic, Laboratory, Inductive, Deductive and Problem Solving.

(b) Fixing devices – Oral and written work, drill work, questioning/supervised study.

(c) Evaluation of Text Book.

(d) Mathematics Club-formation and Activities.


(a) Present status of teaching of Mathematics in our schools and steps to be taken for its Improvement.

(b) Arousing and Maintaining Interest in Mathematics.

(c) Specific Qualities of Mathematics teacher.

(d) Teaching aids – Projective and Non-Projective.


(a) Lesson Planning – Meaning, Importance and Steps of Lesson Planning.

(b) Formation of Macro Lesson Plan.

(c) Formation of Micro Lesson Plan – With special reference to the following Micro teaching skills:

1. Introduction of the lesson.

2. Questioning

3. Explanation

4. Stimulus Variation

5. Black Board Writing.


a) Number System : Natural Number, Whole Number, Integers, Rational Number, Irrational Number

and Operations with Numbers.

b) Polynomial.

c) Equations: Linear, Simultaneous and Quadratic Equations and their solution.

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