Sydney Olympics: the Best Olympics Ever

Topics: Olympic Games, Brand, Summer Olympic Games Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: October 20, 2005
Brands have become subjects of increasing interest to marketers over the years. There have been extensive studies to understand the idea of what a brand is. While taking into consideration the success of a brand, the marketers must ask whether - sales, contribution to market share, additional profit margin, loyalty generated, and awareness or corporate image contribution are the key factors that drive the success or failure of a brand. However, today marketers must look from a different viewpoint - not from the viewpoint of those who create, develop and nurture brands but from the point of view of the ultimate audience, the consumers of brands. Therefore, a successful brand understands its perception and therefore the people who perceive it (Keller, 2003).

The Sydney 2000 Olympic Brand: Focus on Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity Sydney 2000 is an unparalleled brand management success story. The full integration of the Sydney 2000 brand development and brand management philosophy was central to the overall success of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and marketing programs. Sydney combined the core values of the Olympic Image with the unselfish, dynamic and optimistic spirit of Australia, providing Sydney 2000 with a powerful brand platform (The Olympic, n.d.). Every aspect of the 2000 Olympic Games — from the Olympic Torch Relay to the Olympic Arts Festival, from the Look of the Games to the Olympic Games volunteer program — communicated the values of the Sydney 2000 Olympic brand (The Olympic, n.d.). The Olympic Games is a celebration of hope, the joy in effort, and the dreams of the athletes. This overall Image of Olympism offered a foundation from which to launch the Sydney 2000 Olympic brand. Sydney combined this Image with the mission of the 2000 Olympic Games to form a cohesive, expressive and emotive brand for Sydney 2000 (The Olympic, n.d.). Sydney's mission was to keep a threefold promise (Olympic, n.d.). First, Sydney sought to host the...
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