Sybil Movie Questions

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Jessica Tran
Sybil Movie Questions

1.) Various triggers that caused Sybil’s personalities to appear were the women with white hair, the sound of the swings, and the loud music from the piano. These things had triggered her personalities because they reminded her of painful memories from the past.
2.) Sybil exhibited odd behaviours like talking to herself and doing things that she does not remember doing. For example, Sybil woke up to her apartment trashed and did not remember trashing it.
3.) Sybil’s blackouts can last from 30 minutes to longer periods of times. Sybil would often change personalities and stated that she would black out for a year (change personalities) before returning to herself.
4.) Sybil is afraid of the drawing because she did not recall drawing it and because it represented her painful past.
5.) Sybil talks and acts like a little girl because it is one of her several personalities.
6.) Sybil always looks at her watch because she loses track of time due to her blackouts.
7.) Dr.Wilbur says that Sybil blacks out because she is afraid to face her fears.
8.) Sybil’s father does not want her to see doctor Wilbur because he is very religious and believes that people who need to see a doctor are “a freak of nature”. Sybil’s father does not want to face the realities of Sybil.
9.) Peggy is nine years old and relived the memory of when her parents had taken her to the doctor.
10.) Dr. Wilbur is going to use hypnosis on Sybil.
11.) Vicky is one of Sybil’s personalities and is an elegant French girl that helps Sybil to become confident. On the other hand, Marsha is Sybil’s dark side that is very suicidal and lives in fear.
12.) N/A
13.) Yes, Vicky believes that she and the others are separate people from Sybil. She explains to Dr.Wilbur while they were conversing that it was only them two in the room.
14.) In Sybil’s dream, she finds a box of kittens and tries to take them somewhere safe until a beheaded cats starts chasing her.
15.) N/A

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