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School of Law
Bangor University

SXL1114: Law for Non-Lawyers
Summative Assignment 2013/2014

Answer ONE question only


1. What is the essence of the distinction between criminal and civil law? Illustrate your answer by reference to contemporary legal issues and actual cases where appropriate. OR

2.Using your knowledge of the principles and rules used by judges to interpret statutes, comment on whether Tom has committed an offence in the following situation:

Prohibition of Unsolicited Parties (Fictitious) Act 2010
Section 1 (1)
This Act applies to a gathering of more than a hundred people on land for a social purpose in which it is likely that alcohol will be consumed. Section 1 (2)
Subject to Section 1 (3) it is a criminal offence to organise such a gathering without the permission of a local magistrate unless the organiser is an exempt person. Section 1 (3)
For this purpose an exempt person means the occupier, any member of his family or his employee or agent of his.

Sally is the manageress of an electrical superstore. She asks Tom, a sales assistant at the same workplace, to keep an eye on her 5-acre smallholding while she is on holiday in Spain. Tom e-mails a few of his friends to attend his 21st birthday party in a disused barn on Sally’s farmland. Due to a technical error, the e-mail was sent to his entire e-mail address book. Over 600 people arrive at the party and a neighbouring farmer calls the police complaining about the noise. Tom is arrested for breach of the Prohibition of Unsolicited Parties (Fictitious) Act 2010.

Word limit: 2,000 words
Submission date: 27 January 2014

Please ensure that you submit your assignments electronically through the Turnitin software on Blackboard and a paper copy to the College Administrative reception ‘assignment collection box’ by 4pm on the stipulated submission date. Your assignment should be appropriately referenced and should contain a full bibliography of all sources...
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