Swp Raction Paper 2011

Topics: Employment, Time, Future Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Perez, Deo Emmanuel A.


Reaction Paper:

Insights on Career Development and Employment in Today’s Generation of Om4B the seminar makes me enjoy when I was listening to the speaker even though the speaker is exceed to the time but I didn’t recognize the time because it is interesting.

Get smart: equipping one’s self for the corporate world of Mk4A the seminar is all about equipping the future professionals for facing the corporate world it give us advice and tips on how to deals on the corporate world as a future part of business society we need to be prepare on how to deal with other people in the corporate world

Digital warfare of Mk4A group 2 the seminar deals on what is the role of using internet on the business the seminar is interesting because of the given video samples of the speaker. The internet can be most influential means of advertising nowadays because of the people who surf the internet every day. The seminar is seasonal because of the peak of internet generation.

Career Path: Go with the flow or Go on your own of FM4B the seminar is all about choosing whether we go on the flow which is going what is trend like being a future call center agent or go with your own which is going with our want which is a future manager .

Be your own boss! A guide to go from employee to successful businessman of OM4A the seminar is fun because it was conducted by my friends. I learn a lot about the speaker because the speaker is clearly explain the topic. The seminar is all about tips on how to become a successful businessman from being a normal employee.

Flexibilization on labor cost: BOON OR BANE? Of OM4A group 2 the seminar is all about advantages and disadvantages of contractual and regular employee the speaker is clearly explains to us what is the advantages and disadvantages of regular and contractual employees.
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