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The SWOT analysis is splitted into two parts which one part belong to the internal of the company and the other one to the external of the company. The Strength and the Weakness are internal and the Opportunity and the Threats are the external part. This analysis just give us a view for a go or no go


The strengths of the product Puffs is very huge because Puffs includes all consumers which range over all ages but also the existing knowledge of the target market. Everybody needs facial tissues when you have a cold, flue or just to make something dry or to clean something. Puffs also products “Puffs to go” which is very handy where ever you go to. It is a very small package which fits in every handbag. But also the other products from Puffs are very famous because you can choose or design your own facial tissue box on the website of Puffs. The facial tissue box is now not just a box it is a decoration which makes your room colourful and friendly. Other products like Puffs Plus with Lotion or with the scent of Vicks it feels more comfortable for the nose. But also their Commercials fascinated people by their cute figures. In this way it is easy to recognize the product.


The weakness is the price. It costs more than other brands on the Dutch market. To sell well you need to convince the consumers that your product is better than the others. To do this you need good advertising which is linked with high costs.


The opportunity for Puffs is that everybody defines “soft” in a different way. It could be that some people feel that Puffs is softer than Kleenex or other tissue brands. But also the new Product “Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks” could be favourite for users because Kleenex just got quite the same product but just with Menthol. But there are also big opportunities for Puffs in the technology when they can produce Puffs with a high quality for a low price. A rapidly market expanding could occur anytime....
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