Swot & Pest Analysis

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SWOT & PEST analysis
UK’s largest full service scheduled airline – this makes it a popular company with customers which brings in more business which will then bring in more money for the company. •Caribbean routes are new and selling well – as they are selling well, the sales will be up on the flights which will bring in more money and more popularity with the customers which will then mean more and more people will use the company rather than their rivals which will then bring in more money and make rival companies miss out on money •Head office is situated near Gatwick which is convenient – it is convenient because customers and/or staff will easily be able to get there if they need to as it is situated near the company’s main working airport and not in the middle of nowhere or in a different country. This means that any problems can be sorted out quicker as people don’t need to travel to the head office if it was situated anywhere else •Pilots are well paid and tend to stay – the company are then able to keep flights on schedule which will keep the customers happy and wanting to fly with them •Half of the Airbus and Embraer fleet has been bought new in 2002 which is good for passenger confidence – passengers will have confidence in the technology of the planes and trust them not to fail which will keep them happy and wanting to fly with them •Passenger growth was up 16% from 2003 to 2004 with over 8 million passengers per year carried – more passengers means that the company is making more money and also means more passengers are using this company rather than rival companies •Awards won:

oBusiness Airline 2002: What Airline?
oBest European Carrier: Passenger News
oTop Airline Cuisine 2003: The Flying Chef (Sunday Times column) – with these awards won, the company will have popularity as the best for these features and will keep customers wanting to travel with the company and make new customers from rival companies •Kestrel Air uses travel agents to sell its products – this makes it easier as travel agents are good at selling products •Has its own reservations department at head office and a website where customers can book online – customers will find it easier to book flights so the company can sell more flights easier and quicker. Also less staff will be needed so money can be saved in their wages

New features:
oParticipates in the Pet Travel scheme
oTelemedicine service on all flights
oLaptop plug in and telephone service in business class
oSelf check in at Heathrow and Gatwick – all these features give passengers more reason to use this company rather than others if the others don’t already have the features Weaknesses
Operation slots are very expensive and difficult to acquire – as they are difficult to acquire, it will be hard for the company to get enough of them as they need, but even if some do become available, they will be expensive to purchase so the profits will be used to buy them •Failed to gain permission to operate on the lucrative Heathrow/US routes – because these routes are unavailable to the company, they are losing out on money from the tickets that would be purchased by customers therefore customers would use rival companies to get to these destinations •No eastern European routes are operated as yet – because these routes are not operated yet, the company is losing out on money from the tickets that would be purchased by customers, therefore customers would use rival companies to get to the destinations •Being situated near Gatwick is expensive in rents and rates – the rent and rates will bring down the profit that the company will make •Cabin Crew have created some bad press locally – if this carries on, the customers will stop using the company and use one of its rival companies •Pilots are only qualified to fly particular aircraft – other pilots will need to be brought in that are trained to fly other aircraft, so more wages and training will...
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