Swot of Sorzal Distributros

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Africa Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Sorzal Distributors is a firm of importing and distributing South American and African artifacts. This firm is a major source of authentic jewelry and pottery from southwestern Indian. SWOT analysis is use to analysis this case

Exclusive supplier of artifacts
Sorzal obtains the strong market position as it is an exclusive importer and distributor of the South American and African artifacts. More specifically, it also is a major source of authentic jewelry and pottery from southwestern Indian. This business conditions characterize Sorzal take the competitive advantage of this condition as it provide the unique artifacts to customer which different from the competitors.

Verification of authentic artifacts
Sorzal possess good verification of authenticity and it is one of reputable dealer in terms of authentic jewelry, pottery and artifact. It is difficult for the competitors to imitate as the authentic artifacts are the valuable and unique items. Although Sorzal has expanded the product line to include the replicas of authentic artifacts, Sorzal also has the strength as there were qualified craftspeople producing these replicas. It ensures their products with a good quality which can satisfy customer needs. This competency enables Sorzal to penetrate the market and gain the competitive advantage in this industry.


Supply problem
Authentic artifact supply problem can be considered as the major weakness of Sorzal Distributors. The competition on having sufficient supply of authentic products from South American and African is getting more intense due to the increase of competitors and political situation in Africa.

Market growth of replicas
In terms of the opportunity matrix, as replicas originally account for only a small portion of total Sorzal sales, the company just agreed to enter this business only at the prodding of the firm's clients, who desired an expanded line. Moreover, there are several...
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