SWOT of Samsung Telecommunication

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S.W.O.T Analysis of Samsung Telecommunications
1.In 2007, Samsung Telecommunication reported growth of over 40% and became the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world. 2.Samsung sold more than 300 million mobile devices which was a close second after Nokia with 300.6 million mobile devices sold in the first three quarter of 2011. 3.As of Q3 2012, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of devices running Google Android with a 46% market share. Nevertheless, Samsung mobile devices has a strong market position and mainly known for its gorgeous amoled screens and with its own in house processor that was according to (Islam, 2013) “ a world first 8 core mobile processor “ Weakness

1.Plastic build quality on most of Samsung flagship devices that made consumer frustrated 2.Lack of quality control that causes build quality issues
While other smartphone makers are trying to produce a better build quality like Aluminium Samsung stays put and uses’ plastic as it flagship devices according to (Blum, 2012)” and while plastic can be tough in a way or two, without proper quality control ” defects are being reported by the consumers according to” (Ray, 2012) Opportunity

1.Increasing mobile sales, advertising
2.Growing in foreign market, opening more outlets
Today Samsung Telecommunication is the leader in the mobile manufacturing segment and has an impressive sale of according to (Grush, 2013) “100 million units of the whole Galaxy S lineup “. Further Ado the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 is estimated to sell approximately 10 million units per months and with marketing advertisements done in foreign markets the demand is getting stronger and stronger for Samsung to set up more flagship stores within those countries. Threat

1.Unchanged of Build Quality that eventually lost consumers 2.Smartphone Competitors that offer low price
One of the latest threats that Samsung flagship S IV received was by HTC ONE that offer much...
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