Swot of Adidas

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1.S.W.O.T. Analysis


• In many invents is the biggest sponsor

• Strong management team

• Brand recognition and reputation

• Diversity and variety in products offered on the web

(footwear, apparel, sporting equipment, etc.)

• Strong control over its own distribution channel

• No bad reputation like child labor or environment pollution

• In the Soccer industry, Adidas has a stronghold


• High prices in some products

• E-commerce is limited to USA

• The direct sale to consumers is creating conflicts with its own


• Online customer service not "helpful" or easy to find


• Increase female participation in athletics “Adidas by Stella


• Collaborate with other online retailers to offer Adidas


• Possibility of outsourcing the web development and e-commerce

to a third party developer


• Nike's strong reputation in the footwear and apparel industry

• Negative image created by the sponsored athletes (i.e. Kobe Bryant and his sexual assault case)

• Increase in the Price of Raw materials

• Continuing challenges in import/export duties



. Worldwide presence in 200 countries

. Long list of product line



-basketball, etc

. Focus on performance development and technological


. Sponsorship to various sports and events like Olympic, street

ball, soccer, tennis, etc.

. Brand reputation in achieving sports performance products

. Largest market share in Europe


. Limited exposure to U.S market
. Limited budget allocation to advertisement

. Few influential athletes in brand ambassador portfolio

. Poor add agency

. Poor customer service


. Has a great opportunity to expand international market like

retail outlet and e-commerce.

. Positive and increasing market trends increase through the...
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