Swot Muji

Topics: Brand, Good, Marketing Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: April 14, 2011
SWOT Analysis:


• Provide solutions to easy living, MUJI’s products aren’t decorative or fancy by any means yet they are functional and do abide by MUJI’s ‘what you see is exactly what you get’ speech. • Their simplistic designs and ‘no branded’ products are a marketing ploy in itself; they appear honest and loyal to their customers by not deceiving them with over packaged goods, yet create a brand that segregates itself from others in the market. • MUJI have been successful at creating a perfectly clear and global brand personality. • MUJI’s five principles for coexistence with the earth. They do not have to add other product lines or state that they are eco-friendly which so many other brands are doing at present due to the publics concern for the environment. • Reasonable pricing.


• Store design could be better.
• Although the clothing range has to remain simple and ordinary in order to maintain the brands philosophy, new designs should be discussed to heighten customer interest. • The above strengths can only be fully put into practice once a customer enters the store, MUJI does not do enough to promote their name. • Their concern for the environment and society may get overtaken by other brands who have began ‘green washing’ the public at present.


• Increasing eco – friendly market
• Strong customer demand for furniture and storage that ‘will do’ during house ‘face lifts’. • To become a stronger competitor within their market.


• Increased competition.
• Competitor’s promotional activities for organic products. • The economic activities for the next couple of years will affect customers buying patterns.
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