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Mobile users
The mobile market is growing rapidly. In fact, the mobile market is a fundamental part of the next coming year because mobile users are more likely to become active users. For instance, Facebook has more than %50 of all its users on mobile phones, around 500 million mobile users [1].
Being part of communities (Circles)
Offer a place where a user can belong to specific communities. A place where people can do more than sharing pictures and comments, but a place where people can discuss specific topics in a community of people with some knowledge about the topic being discussed. The discussion can go as far as a video group discussion (Hangout).
Give the users more control of what they want to share with others. Privacy should be one of the main differentiation parts. To avoid the mistake made by Facebook; for instance, when a user was playing or using any application, Facebook broadcasted a message saying that someone was playing a specific game. This message was broadcasted without the user’s authorization.
It has a strong Brand name .Google is the number one search engine.
Google plus supports asymmetric relationships. It allows users to be part of some communities without the necessity of becoming friends.
The user interface offers better privacy features. It also includes real data import and export tools. The interface is neat and organized.
It has been translated in many languages in comparison with iBiBo,VKontakte among others.
There are many competitors in the market. Many of them targeted specific countries; however, some of them are spreading around the world. For instance; Tuenti used to target at Spanish audience, but the site is now opened to any country.
Facebook is working on a new research engine. It can affect the popularity not only of Google plus, but Google in general.
Mobile users are the main target for social networks.

Google plus does not have as many

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