Swot: Cheesecake Factory

Topics: Cheesecake, SWOT analysis, The Cheesecake Factory Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Cheesecake Factory's SWOT
Terrance Gaiter
Professor James Day
Intro to Business
July 21, 2013

The Cheesecake factory founded in 1972 by Evelyn and Oscar Overton has been one of the most famous family eatery in America. Just the name along sets it apart as an iconic and delectable place, you can tell that cheese cakes are just one of many of the restaurants specialties that it has to offer. Back in Detroit within the 1940s Evelyn created her own original recipe for cheese cake where Evelyn and Oscar open there own cheese cake shop together. That’s until Evelyn gave birth to their kids David and Renee where they closed up shop to focus on their family. Though never giving up on her passion of baking Evelyn supplied the local restaurants with her original take on cheesecake which was in high demand. Into the couples 50s they moved to los angels and with their last savings opened up a restaurant and dubbed it the cheese cake factory. The years weren't favorable and hard but they persevered, and in 1975 that led to expansions and opening of newer locations left and right, Evelyn’s recipes of cheese cakes grew to over 20 varieties and other desserts. The company grew so much that Oscar had to hire truck drivers to accommodate the out of state customers. Than in 1978 David Overton (son of Oscar and Evelyn) open up the first cheese cake factory restaurant in Beverly hills with little knowledge but a strive and intuition of making a great restaurant expertise perfect with generous portions and unlimited inventive menu selection the cheese cake factory was a success and within 30years later and over 100+ restaurants the cheese cake factory grew to the momentum house hold name it is today; Growing from a small kitchen in Oscar and Evelyn’s basement to stand as a place that is a must to dine in didn’t come without its trials and tribulations. Though without much sorrow and having Evelyn’s famous cheesecake grew in clientele that stretch from Detroit throughout...
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