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1.Location of the stores are in or near crowded places. It usually has a lot of foot traffic (school, malls, train stations, recreation areas, etc) It's an advantage that Hen Lin stores are located in crowded places and exposed to a lot of prospective customers. 2.The company joins activities that can help it become (more)well-known. 3.The Hen Lin mascot. It helps get prospective customers' attention (esp. that the mascot can dance) 4.The food products itself are satisfactory to the taste based from the consumers. 5.The crews are accommodating and friendly

6.The prices are affordable. Some customers even describe Hen Lin as “Chinese version of McDonalds” due to its affordability. 7.Hen Lin let schools (universities, colleges and high schools) conduct tour on their plantation. This can also help the company become more exposed and well-known to people (esp. students) 8.Hen Lin observes cleanliness in working area/plantation

9.Hen Lin is a franchise company itself. Therefore, it is much easier for the company to expand and put up lots of branches in all parts of the Philippines. 10.Hen Lin has some TV appearances and billboards. The company do this from time to time and it help advertise the product. 11.The service crews are efficient, friendly, provide good service and always smiling. 12.Hen Lin serves the best siomai. Hen Lin serves varieties of siomai japanese siomai, shrimps, pork and beef. It's tasty and meaty. 13.Hen Lin is best for the people in a hurry. Because of crews' quick and efficient service, Hen Lin can be a great food stall for people in a hurry. 14.Hen Lin offers delicious siopao

15.Hen Lin's website is very comprehensive and informative
16.M& H Corporation (Hen Lin) value Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Innovation and the spirit of “Damayan” 17.Hen Lin conducts raffle promo from time to time which can also be a good advertising activity.


1.There are so many extenders and...
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