Swot Analysis on Walmart

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Choose an organization you are familiar with and

(a).Submit an SWOT analysis of the organization with an evaluation of each element of the SWOT.


III. SWOT analysis


The strength of Wal-Mart is the popularity. The company is known worldwide. The company's strength is the brand name which is very strong. The mark strength is what returns the company, its products and services popular. In addition the company's strength is its ability to make strategic adjustments every time you need . The company ensures that whenever changes occur in the industry have plans alternative to it. The strength of the company is the supply chain system where the company has products in a locked place until needed in a certain branch. To end a force Wal-Mart is its Web site that is easy to use, attractive, and instructive. This Web site encourages customers to visit the store and use the company's products.


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W The main weakness of Wal-Mart is criticism to the company. Criticism affects not only the image of the company, but its position in the supply chain. This criticism affects the relationships between suppliers and the company that talks of this fact effects outputs in the supply chain of the company. Another weakness of Wal-Mart is the notion that the company will lose its charm. This means that the company so everyone has problems in their reports with customers. To end a weakness of Wal-Mart's poor sales of dress goods. The company does not do well in this kind of product because the company will not be known as a reseller of this product.


An opportunity for the company is discovering more ways to give a distinctive look and devices posarte shops and on the branches. By doing this the company will have competitive advantage over other companies. Attract customers with diverse tastes. An opportunity for the company is improving its Web site devices. Doing this may attract more markets. The company also should continue to improve its supply chain so that different outputs and problems can be resolved ahead of time. This should mean faster device to supply (supplies) to prevent shortages of products in its branches. To end an opportunity for the company is to continue to reach new territories where they can offer their products and services. New territories can be in a country that just recently improved its economy.


The main threats to Wal-Mart are its competitors. Competitors like Tesco and the intersection test (treated) different tactics to overcome (top) position of the company in its industry. Competitors can device a way to overcome the company and have a better position in the supply chain. The threat to the company includes the laws in the country where they operate within. Another threat to the company's rates and taxes that the company has in different countries, each country has its own tax rate and rate that creates additional costs for the company. To end a threat to the company is the culture of some customers in other countries where they operate within. Some may not like the new culture that is introduced by Wal-Mart and its expansion into markets. Listen

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b)Critically assess the overall position of organization.

Strategic Review of Wal-Mart


          I.    Introduction

        II.    Strategic Analysis

a.    Company mission

b.    Main Customer Markets

c.    Competitors...
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