Swot Analysis Of Woolworths

Pages: 6 (1484 words) Published: April 21, 2016

Woolworths Limited (“Woolworths”) is a public company with product ranging from food, petrol, liquor, general merchandise, home improvement to hotels and gambling. Being a huge and diversified conglomerate, Woolworths is ranked the number 2 company in Australia. It owned one of the Australian largest chains of supermarket retail. Since its inception in 1924, Woolworths currently has 3,182 stores across all its brands and serving averagely 21 million customers every week.
Woolworths undertakes corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) activities. One such example is by providing fresh and healthier choice of food to its customers at affordable price. 3.1% deflation in average price enables the households of Woolworths’ customers to save on average...

Woolworths should engage in CSR activities as maximizing business efficiency while diminishing waste are strategic ways enabling Woolworths to reduce costs in long term. Triple bottom line (“TBL”) reporting is crucial to assist sustainability goals as it evaluates Woolworths’ performance on the financial, social and environmental aspects over duration of time.
To reduce global warming, Woolworths concentrated on carbon emissions reduction. According to its commitment for energy efficiency and low carbon technology, Woolworths’ investment of A$112 million in rooftop solar and other energy-saving measures garnered saving of A$162 million in operational costs, 42% reduction in carbon emissions and increased bottom line. As leading retailer, Woolworths’ actions are capable of ensuring a better world for future generation, thus distinguishing itself from its...
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