SWOT Analysis of Walmart

Topics: Variety store, Retailing, Discount store Pages: 10 (3455 words) Published: November 3, 2008
For as long as I can remember I have seen Wal-mart stores up in almost in every town that I have traveled through. The store started by Sam Walton was first established in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1962. Now Wal-mart has over 3,300 stores nationwide and they are the leading retail store in the country. With Wal-mart competing with Target and K-mart hold over 85 percent of the discount store market share. Although Sam Walton has passed on Wal-Mart has continued to stay successful and maintain at the top of the retail market. A new CEO took over and he has continued to maintain as the largest corporation in the nation. "Wal-mart has two objectives that they focus on: 1) Providing the customers what they want, when they want it, all at a value 2) treating each other as we would hope to be treated, acknowledging our total dependency on our associate-partners to sustain our success".

A SWOT analysis consist of measuring the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats in order to see what the company needs to work on and what it must do to succeed in the market. One of Wal-Marts biggest features is the guest relations that they teach their employees. They strive to keep their customers happy and to keep them coming back to their store. There are many other companies that see using the guest greeters that Wal-Mart uses as a waste of time and money. They say that they should have these people doing some sort of work that will actually come out as productive. That is what Wal-Mart believes they are doing. Allowing someone to be greeted at the door hopefully makes them happier to be in the store. If they come in and are made to feel better by an employee at the door then they are more likely to be a satisfied customer. Another thing that employees are taught is the Ten Foot Attitude. This is where if a customer and employee come within ten feet of each other the employee must make eye contact with the customer and ask the guest if they can help them in any way. This is to ensure that the customer gets as much attention to what they are looking for as possible. They are helped and made happy because that is what makes Wal-Mart successful and keeps the customers coming back. Many other stores that you will ask for help and they will help you out. Wal-Mart has taken it a step further and is taught to come up to you and to ask you if they can help you with anything and if there is anything that they can do for you. They are very friendly and very helpful which makes shopping at Wal-Mart more pleasant than any other retailer I have visited. Of course weakness have to come up with any business. One of the largest things that Wal-Mart has had to endure is when they come into small towns and put up a huge retail store they end up killing all the small town businesses because they are so successful. There have been many small towns that have turned down the building of a Wal-Mart because they know what it will do to the small town. They want to keep all the aspects of a large town out of their small town to keep the local businesses there. The biggest weakness Wal-Mart has to deal with competitors. With K-Mart and the largely growing Target in the same market they are daily trying to improve themselves to stay at the top of the market. They have to find all the advantages they can to be the best company they can be. They must get feedback from their customers to all themselves to learn from what they are doing.

Wal-Mart has to come up with a strategy to be successful in the next decade. They have to work on the things that they believe to be what will make them into the best and largest corporation in the retail field. They have to continue to make a mark in the market and to continue to grow. They have to deal with the other competitors in the field and are daily trying new things to take the edge out of the competition. They have to keep up with the new technology and to continue to make the...
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