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Swot Analysis of USS and Vitagen

By janlee94 Sep 26, 2013 318 Words
Universal Studio Singapore
Owned by Genting Group (Malaysian Conglomerate)

Glocalisation- Think Global and act locally, assimilating Singapore's culture while retaining the appeal for the global consumers (ie. tourists)

There are not enough exciting rides to entice the thrill seekers. The park area is limited, unable to undergo expansion.
Currently they have yet tap on the potential of social media and harness the power of social media marketing. (Marketing through social media have not been done extensively and aggressively)

Their seasonal events such as Halloween Horror Nights are garnering loyal supporters, serve as a springboard for other events such as Christmas and New Year countdown party. Threats
Novelty wears off after a few years
The huge price tag deters the consumers from going back for the second time. There are other theme park in the region that competes with USS for instance, Genting Theme park(ironically they are owned by the same company), Legoland, Wild Wild Wet and Hong Kong Disneyland

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Vitagen (less sugar)
Owned by Marigold (Malaysia Company)
It is a really unique cultured drink with no substitutes.
Carve out a niche market which is big enough to sustain the demand( young children and people with health problems) It taste really great too.
Consumer-centric corporation- offers home deliveries (distribution) Offers Vitagen health education tour
Perishable item
High cost of production which may pass on to the consumers

They can expand their Asia market by penetrating Thailand, Taiwan, Korea.

Adopted a health and nutrition slant, people are able to turn to other products like juices, milk and yogurt. However it owns a significant amount of marker share as its other competitor is Yakult.

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