swot analysis of unilever

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Swot analysis
Unilever is a company that serves in almost all the continents and over 190 countries of the world. It has a wide variety of products serving the people of all ages. Based on its core competencies and strategic outlook its strengths are; Strengths

Company operates its operations nearly 190 countries and they also have 270 manufacturing sites worldwide · Strong portfolio of brands and diversified product range · Company has more than 400 brands known as multinational brands but some of them operate in some countries and company calls it local brands. · More than 13 international brands have contribution in sales more than 1 billion Euros. And Unilever top 25 brands account for more than 70% of sales Products of the company · Personal wash: soaps, · Laundry: Surf, detergants, · Skin care: Dove, Ponds, · Hair care: Sunsilk, · Oral care: CloseUp, Pepsodent, · Deodorants: AXE, Lynx, · Food and beverages: Lipton, PG Tips, Research and development · Company spend huge amount on Research and development worldwide. · Price, quality and variety · Unilever has 400 brands available in market with different packaging and quantities. · Customer rely and believe in the quality of product because of their trust in unilever brands Competitive advantage · Wide product variety · Promotion, marketing and advertising · Effective and attractive packaging · Research and development · Economy of scale Unilever operates more than 270 manufacturing sites around the globe to achieve economy of scale easily. It gives competitive advantage to company Opportunity

External conditions those are helpful to achieving the objective. · Health conscious products demand Now a day's people like to eat healthy food which contains fewer calories and use those products which will not harm their environment. This gives a good opportunity to Unilever to add more and more products in its product line. · Changing life styles Now people are more aware about innovations because of the media....
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