Swot Analysis of Livelihood Improvement Program - Japan

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SWOT Analysis of Livelihood Improvement Program - Japan
By Gaurav Kochar
The way Japan has gone about developing its rural areas is quite commendable. Even though the resources were limited, other hardships that came in the way, the zeal and enthusiasm shown by the Japanese to excel and do better in whatever they do is something which should be taught not just to the people in developing countries but also in developed country. One of such program, which aimed at developing rural Japan, was Livelihood improvement program. It was implemented by the Japanese government under the Agricultural Improvement Promotion Law. One branch of Livelihood Improvement program was Agriculture extension to help agriculture and other was Livelihood improvement extension, which was established to encourage rural women to go about livelihood improvements in participatory way. This paper intends to do SWOT analysis of Livelihood extension approach if it was implemented in India. Strengths: attributes, which are helpful for achieving the objective. Weaknesses: attributes, which are harmful for achieving the objective. Opportunities: external conditions, which are helpful for achieving the objective. Threats: external conditions, which could damage the performance.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths (Internal) Weakness (Internal)
Use of existing/limited resources Limited technology Kaizen (Regular Improvement) Time Consuming
Participatory development Lack of initiative
Opportunities (External) Threats (External) Willingness of people Restriction on women Willingness of people

Since the already existing resources will be used the problem of finding resources does not arises. Also if Kaizen is implemented seriously, something similar to what Toyota group companies do everyday after...
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