Swot Analysis of Islami Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Topics: Time, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Behavior Pages: 15 (5338 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Proven Strategies for Increased Productivity and Inner Peace HYRUM W. SMITH
MAIN IDEA The real measure of a successful life is whether or not inner peace is achieved. Inner peace is the transcendent feeling of fulfillment and personal well-being which comes whenever a person is living their life in conformity with their inner core values. The simple concept of making sure your daily activities reflect your deepest core values lies at the very heart of effective time and life management. Part 1. Managing Your Time Daily Tasks Intermediate Goals Long-Range Goals Governing Values Law 1 You control your life by controlling your time. Law 2 Your governing values are the foundation of personal fulfillment. Law 3 When your daily activities reflect your governing values, you experience inner peace. Law 4 To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone. Law 5 Daily planning leverages time through increased focus. Part 2. Managing Your Life Law 6 Your behavior is a reflection of what you truly believe. Law 7 You satisfy needs when your beliefs are in line with reality. Law 8 Negative behaviors are overcome by changing incorrect beliefs. Law 9 Your self-esteem must ultimately come from within. Law 10 Give more and you’ll have more.

Results Behavior Patterns


Belief Window Needs

10 Natural Laws of Successful Management - Page 2 -

Part 1. Managing Your Time





THE PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY PYRAMID This pyramid, otherwise described as the personal fulfillment pyramid, shows the four main steps that lead from identifying your highest values to accomplishing your daily activities: 1. Identify your personal governing values, and prioritize these values. (Law 3). 2. Effective long-range and intermediate goals are the bridge between values and activities. (Law 4). 3. From the perspective of your goals, you can then create and manage a daily task list. (Law 5) If you set goals that are not aligned with your values, you may accomplish a good deal but still feel personally unsatisfied because you will be neglecting the things that matter the most to you deep down. Similarly, if you create a daily task list that doesn’t reflect your goals, you’ll be busy but unproductive. LAW 1 You control your life by controlling your time. Main Idea The real objective of any time management program is to achieve inner peace, but the best perspective from which to accomplish this is to stop thinking ‘‘time management’’ and instead think ‘‘event control’’. Supporting Ideas Inner peace is defined as having serenity, balance and harmony in your life through the appropriate control of events. Many people get so caught up trying to manage events over which they have no control that they get discouraged and become conditioned to accept less than they could be if they live their lives to the fullest possible extent. Other people live their entire lives thinking that at some unspecified time in the future, they’re going to have more time to do what really counts and less interruptions. The real key of time management is that the greater amount of control you have over those things that are most important to you, the better you will feel about your life’s accomplishments and the higher amount of self-esteem will be generated. Therefore, rather than asking ‘‘How do I get more time?’’, instead ask these two questions: 1. What are my highest priorities in life? 2. Of these priorities, what do I value the most? Once you’ve identified these factors, the key issue then becomes how do you go about getting control of the most critical events? From this perspective, time management becomes much more than a simple game of trying to be more and more efficient. It turns into an exercise of trying to spend the maximum amount of time on those things that are most important rather than most urgent. There is an important...
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