Swot Analysis Of In-N-Out

Topics: Hamburger, Restaurant, United States Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: December 3, 2015

D.) Describe the company’s challenges and obstacles:
An obstacle that is occurring currently throughout In-N-Out’s company is, in order to maintain their quality, they do not franchise, which results in In-N-Out not being able to expand quickly. We can attempt to persuade them into franchise rights, since there may be better outcomes but it can also escalate to negative outcomes, such as a dispersion of too much money. Although expanding In-N-Out will lead to an almost overwhelming break-through in profit they must also invest a substantial amount of money into the building and plans of the actual franchising of the company (moving eastward). Currently occurring in the In-N-Out industry is accusations of favoritism between the workers. According...

With that said, they have worked to strategically expand to other states and make other changes to their business. The look of all In-N-Out’s has remained the same, and it even has the same logo since 1948. From the red/white colors, to the crossed palm trees outside every restaurant, In-N-Out has the same classic look. In terms of pricing, the prices on the menu have changed slightly. Due to California's severe drought, beef, dairy, and vegetable prices have become higher in the state, which has caused the popular food chain to raise the prices of their food. Carl Van Fleet, In-N-Out’s executive Vice President of Development stated about a year ago, “We make every effort to keep our menu prices as low as possible.” Since 2014, In-N-Out has raised the cost of...

In-N-Out’s hamburger patties are produced in two facilities, one in Baldwin Park, California, and one in Dallas, Texas. In-N-Out quotes that every patty used by their restaurants are “whole chunks from premium cattle selected especially for In-N-Out Burger.” Although In-N-Out’s reputation of fast fresh food is one of their main key selling points it also results in a major downfall. The locations of the facilities where In-N-Out’s meat come from must be closely located to their restaurants to maintain their promise of no pre-packaged or frozen food. In-N-Out’s clientele can vary from young families to an older individual with any financial status. The burgers sold at In-N-Out are priced sufficiently for any new or...
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