Swot Analysis of Icici Bank

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is done for a company, to find out its overall Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and opportunities leading to gauging the competitive potential of the company. The SWOT Analysis enables a company to recognize its market standing and adopt strategies accordingly. Here SWOT analysis of ICICI bank is made to understand the positioning of the bank better: STRENGTHS

1. BRAND NAME: ICICI Bank has earned a reputation in the market for extending quality services to the market vis-à-vis its competitors. It has earned a strong Brand name in banking in a very short span of time.

2. MARKET SHARE: ICICI Bank has the largest market share of 34% in the IT & ITES industry in Hyderabad according to our survey (within the limitation of the sample size.)

3. HUGE NETWORK: ICICI Bank has the highest number of linked branches in the country. The bank operates through a network of 450 BRANCHES AND over 1800 ATMs across India, thus enabling them to serve customer in better way.

4. DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO: ICICI Bank has all the products under its belt, which help it to extend the relationship with existing customer. ICICI Bank has umbrella of products to offer their customers, if once customer has relationship with the bank. Some Products, which ICICI Bank is offering are: • Retail Banking

• Business Banking
• Merchant Establishment Services (EDC Machine)
• Personal loans & Car loans
• Demat Services with E-Broking
• Mutual Fund (ICICI Bank is the Distributor of all Mutual Fund) • Insurance
• Housing Loans

5. SALARY ACCOUNT: One very interesting thing that we have observed in our survey is that ICICI is having an edge over other banks in case of Salary Account. Most of the companies are having their Salary Account with ICICI even if their Current Account is with any other Bank. This is mainly because of the huge network of ATMs and branches of ICICI.

6. WORKING HOURS: ICICI is the only bank which is having its working hours from 8 to 8...
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