SWOT Analysis of Hock Seng Lee

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 SWOT Analysis


Hock Seng Lee Berhad is an integrated marine engineering, civil engineering and building construction firm. The reputation of the company is a significant strength. HSL is one of the leading construction firms in Kuching, they have an excellent image in the construction industry in Sarawak. One of the examples is the Kuching’s Centralized Wastewater, which was carried out by HSL Berhad. It is a huge project tendered by the Sarawak government. This demonstrates the level of trust and confidence the government in the ability of HSL Berhad to handle large scaled projects.

Starting as a dredging operating company, HSL has progressed over thirty years to become a leader in this engineering market field in Sarawak. The company has technical expertise, qualified staff, a comprehensive portfolio of marine equipment and necessary official registrations and licenses. This includes the licenses of PKK, JKR Class A and LLYOD’S Register Quality Assurance ISO9001 to enable the group in undertaking road projects of any size. Besides that, HSL has both state (UPK) and national (PKK G7, CIDB) accreditation. These are essential to perform most of the projects in Sarawak.

HSL's move into building construction in the 1980s. It represents the completion of the Company's evolution into a fully integrated construction company. HSL has launched several successful residential and commercial projects as well as undertaken construction contracts for residential quarters and school throughout Sarawak. The company’s products have earned a reputation of being innovative in design and value for every ringgit spent. The Group's move into property development has enlarged HSL's operations and earnings base in the year 2000. HSL's strong financial foundations offer flexible payment terms to clients and enable negotiation in contracts on cash-kind combination terms.

Another underlying strength in this business is the workforce of HSL Berhad. Employees...

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