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After reading the narrative case study of HAL’S hardware, let me first introduce to you in my own opinion about the SWOT analysis. First and foremost, a SWOT analysis is a strategy in which companies could assess there situational standing for the development and the good of there business and transactions.

According to Khushboo in India, “it’s like a mirror to oneself. It tells where the person stands. Strength, gives power. One should analyze his weaknesses. Opportunities should be grabbed and one should overcome his threats”.

Yes, I agree to him. Of course, when you are putting up a business you need to know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and your threats so that it yields good results. Planning is the best answer for it.

Here’s what I have studied and analyze on Hal’s case.


It’s a good thing that HAL’S hardware has a website because it is one of the strength of a company because it is connected to the internet and when you mean internet it’s worldwide. And also, it states there that Hal is planning to include online shipping on his site which is really flexible since it can ease transactions. Buyers would no longer expend money to travel and on the contrary, buyer could easily access products to HHI. Another thing is, the more the website is viewed, the more buyers it could attract. Also, it improves technological skills to the person equipped with that.


The sad part of having a website is the cost of running the site. It is one of the weaknesses that Hal could encounter. Putting a site is not that easy since you have to pay for it. Aside from that, maintaining your site. It is necessary to maintain your site for additional features of your products. Maintaining your site is really costly since you have to pay the person skilled to do the job unless you can do it. Another thing is, consider the fact that competitors have superior access to the distribution channel....
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