Swot Analysis of Garments Industry

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(Vide Chapter 3)
Civil Services (Main) Examination – 2005:
Profile of Candidates*


1.The Civil Services Examination is conducted in two successive stages viz. the Preliminary Examination and the Main Examination. The Preliminary Examination consists of two objective type papers and is meant for initial screening only. Only those candidates who qualify the Preliminary Examination, are eligible for admission to the Main Examination. The Main Examination consists of written examination of conventional type papers and a Personality Test. Out of 3,45,106 candidates who had applied for the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination – 2005, 3,32,000 were found eligible for appearing in the examination. However 1,75,202 candidates appeared in this examination held on May 15, 2005. On the basis of results of this examination, 5,140 candidates were declared qualified for taking the Main Examination. Community-wise and gender-wise details of these candidates are given in Table 1.

Table 1 Number of Candidates who Applied, Appeared and Qualified the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination - 2005 |Community |Number of Candidates | | |Applied |Appeared |Qualified | | |Male |Female |Total | |1996 |740 |2001 |417 | |1997 |621 |2002 |310 | |1998 |470 |2003 |457 | |1999 |411 |2004 |453 | |2000 |427 |2005 |457 |

4.The success rate of candidates in the examination by broad stream of disciplines are given in Table 3 (at next page).

5.Thus, the success rates of candidates having higher degrees were higher than that of those with bachelor degrees in the corresponding streams of disciplines except engineering discipline. However in totality, the success rate of candidates having higher degrees was slightly lower than that of those with bachelor degrees. It was due to lower success rate of engineering post-graduates as compared to that of engineering graduates.

Table 3 Success Rate vis-à-vis Broad Stream of Disciplines - Civil Services (Main) Examination – 2005 |Educational Qualification |Number of Candidates |Success Rate (Percent)| | |Appeared |Recommended | | |I Bachelor Degrees |2,648 |256 |9.7 | |(i) Humanaties |1,031 |71 |6.9 | |(ii) Science |445 |23 |5.2 | |(iii) Medical Science |220 |35 |15.9 | |(iv) Engineering |952 |127...
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