Swot Analysis of Crude Oil Industry in India

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Managerial Economics



Crude Oil Industry

Crude oil is one of the most necessitated worldwide required commodity. Any slightest fluctuation in crude oil prices can have both direct and indirect influence on the economy of the countries. The volatility of crude oil prices drove many companies away. Therefore, prices have been regularly and closely monitored by economists. Now a days prices have shoot up to record levels of USD 125 per bbl. This is an increase of nearly 70% from that of the previous year. The consumption level of oil is projected to be rise by 1.2 million bbl/d in the year 2008. The consumption of China is presumed to be rise by 0.4 million bbl/d in current year, as it has already registered an increase of 0.8 million bbl/d in march.

Crude oil prices act like any other product cost with more variation taken place during shortage and excess supply. Studies have conducted to analyze the impact of rise in crude oil price to the economic growth in the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) countries. It has been observed that $10 in the crude oil price means decrease in the economic growth of the OPEC countries by 0.5%. This rise in prices account to have more influence on the economic condition of developing countries.

Any massive increase or decrease in crude oil has its impact on the condition of stock markets in throughout the world. The stock exchanges of every country keep a close eye on any up and downward movement of the crude oil price. India fulfills its major crude oil requirements by importing it from oil producing nations. India meets more than 80% of its requirement by importing process. Therefore, any upward and downward motion of prices are closely tracked in the domestic marketplace. Many times it has been recorded that prices of essential products like crude also acts as a prime driver in becoming reason of up and down movement...
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