Swot Analysis of Climbing Works

Topics: Marketing, Bouldering, SWOT analysis Pages: 9 (2177 words) Published: November 15, 2007
"Climbing Works" is a dedicated bouldering centre located in Sheffield that offers world class bouldering facilities in an atmosphere that aids elite training, but also caters for beginners and all levels in between. The centre is run by world renowned individuals with years of experience in the fields of climbing, bouldering and route setting, this experience has come together to create a fantastic opportunity to develop the fringe sport of bouldering. The centre was recently acknowledged by the, then minister for sport Richard Cabourn (2006),

"Climbing Works is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Sheffield and surrounding areas to gain experience in climbing in a safe and well supervised environment. Climbing Works offers people of all ages the opportunity to gain the skills needed to climb safely, this is especially good for Sheffield as we are on the doorstep of the Peak District which offers a unique climbing experience"

With all the opportunities available to the climbing works in which to expand their business, this report identifies and exploits the most viable prospect. The SWOT analysis marketing tool is useful to identify these opportunities; the journal of the chartered management institute (2005) defines SWOT analysis as,

"A general technique which can find suitable applications across diverse management functions and activities, but it is particularly appropriate to the early stages of strategic and marketing planning.

Performing a SWOT analysis involves the generation and recording of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats concerning a task, individual, department, or organisation. It is customary for the analysis to take account of internal resources and capabilities (strengths and weakness) and factors external to the organisation (opportunities and threats)."

StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunities Threats
USP –" The World's biggest and best dedicated bouldering centre" Location – see map in appendixLack of competition in the indoor bouldering product.Open market for new competition Location – see map in appendixStart-up cash drain – initial risk was high for the investors.Fringe sport – new target markets are available to find and exploit.Competitor intentions – offering outdoor bouldering in the peak district. Employee knowledge of the sport – climbers and route setters are the best in the market.Marketing – no marketing is performed by the business.Government lottery Funding possibilities.Seasonality – good summer Acknowledged by Richard Cabourn.Exterior signage – None is shown, this could lose the "impulse" market.Opening a new centre in Bristol.Failure of the Bristol business could negatively impact on Sheffield venue. No Suppliers – the service can always be offered and does not rely on third parties. New Business – Lack of reputation. Bad weather during the summer months.Possibility of having a hot and dry summer.

One of the main weaknesses of "Climbing Works" is the lack of marketing that is carried out by the business. Marketing is very important so as to attract new customers to the business, and also to retain existing customers. Marketing, since the centre opened, has been through word of mouth and magazine features at the venue. No proper advertising has been done and so "Climbing Works", even though customer levels have been consistently good, has never reached its full customer potential.

The USP at "Climbing Works" gives them a very good foundation for a marketing campaign. The centre claims to be the biggest and best dedicated bouldering centre in the world, this is the fact that they should advertise when looking to gain new customers and break into new markets.

The fact that "Climbing Works" is operating in a niche market means that there are obvious places that "Climbing Works" need to advertise if they are planning on sticking to the current market of mostly experienced climbers and those who hear from these users through...

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