Swot Analysis of Amazon.Com

Topics: Amazon.com, Competition, Online shopping Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: September 4, 2009


1) The company’s with forty-one product categories (AMZN; 1st par; page 158) 2) Amazon’s net income increased 2.5 percent to $80 million (AMZN; 1st par; page 158) 3) Revenues increased 13 percent to $3.2 billion (AMZN; 1st par; page 158) 4) Offers services to Web develops, independent film and music producers ( AMZN; 2nd par; page 158) 5) Offers third-party seller transactions on its Web site to customers such as Target, Office Depot, and to small businesses. ( AMZN; 2nd par; page 158) 6) Contracts with other businesses to offer distribution and warehouse storage services. ( AMZN; 2nd par; page 158) 7) Providing secure transactions, being reliable and efficient in the fulfillment of orders, and emphasizing price discounts. ( AMZN; 2nd par; page 159) 8) Managers work continually to improve the shopping experience for customers through development of intuitive and simple Web site navigation ( AMZN; 2nd par; page 159) 9) Web site provides the kind of shopping experience customers relied on years ago ( AMZN ; 2nd par; page 159) 10) Ability to offer unique recommendations to individuals and uses blogs for customers’ book reviews that create a community.(AMZN ; 2nd par; page 159) 11) Continues to develop new series, new product offerings, and partnerships (AMZN ; 3rd par; page 159) 12) Continue to establish existing services. (AMZN ; 3rd par; page 159) 13) Opened its Emergency Preparedness Store (within the Tools & Hardware Store) which offers checklists for both preparation and recovery from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes and one-stop shopping for tools, first aid supplies, communication devices, and safety equipment. ( The Year 2006; 1st par; page 160) 14) Launched Grocery Store which offers more than 1,200 brands (Kashi, Nestle, Kellogg, Kraft, Procter and Gamble) of non-perishable items. ( The Year...
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