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Topics: Shoe, Nike, Inc., Athletic shoe Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: November 6, 2006
Nike is a global leader in the world of athletic sports apparel. They have become this by not limiting what defines an athlete. According to their mission statement Nike believes that "as long as you have a body you are an athlete." I feel they have always been on the forefront of athletic apparel because of this theory. They were the first to market their products to all people and not just athletes or non-athletes. As you can see in their line of footwear you are able to purchase Nike track shoes, basketball shoes, cleats, dress shoes, and work boots. They are able to do this by not only marketing these products through Nike but also by acquiring other companies such as Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley and Bauer. With all these entities Nike still has to come up with ways to stay on top of the competition in America, but must also grow their corporation globally.

Many of the strengths of Nike were presented in the previous paragraph. Their continuous drive to deliver quality products to the consumer is shared by mostly all of their competitors. Although I think what separates Nike from their competition in America is the marketing of their products and the research and development division of their company. Their commercials have become iconic in the minds of young Americans of Generation X and even baby boomers. For example, the Michael Jordan commercial with Spike Lee in which Spike Lee says, "It must be the shoes", can still be heard today almost 10 years after its showing on playgrounds throughout America. As well as the famous Charles Barkley comment, " I am not a role model…parents are role models." The evolution of their products is also a major reason for their success. The inception of the Nike Shox athletic running shoe line is a groundbreaking invention in the field of shoe apparel. Another idea Nike created before other major sports apparel companies is the ability to allow the consumer to customize their shoes, and almost create their...
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