SWOT Analysis For CanGo

Topics: Target market, Target audience, Need Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: January 24, 2015
SWOT Analysis for CanGo:
Fresh Ideas
Mind set to want to succeed
Market knowledge/ knowing this could be great

Project is/and can be difficult
Cost likely to be over budget
Poor direction from management
Staff unprepared/ limited resources
Expand the company
Target market very lucrative
New project will increase company's public image
Competition may take project and improve where there are faults Time delays/ causing budget to increase
Resistance to change

Strengths: The strength in CanGo comes from the drive and the motivation of bringing forth a new product is definitely there. When Nick discusses what shall come to pass the rewards are great and it sounds great giving the hopes of “we can do this” attitude. I watched the videos and notice how everyone is excited and ready to leap forward on this venture making it possible to connect people from across the globe in a gaming system like no other. The determination, motivation, and energy are definitely needed and are present among the group. Weaknesses: There are several weaknesses within the entire group starting from Management and the no so direct directions. CanGo has great ideas and new adventures to take into consideration but fail to put a plan in place to make sure they follow through. When management gives the team an assignment there are too many openings for assumption and misinterpretation of what is needed from the team player. There is no organization to show what has been done or what needs to follow and it is not clear if work is being missed or completed by more than one person. When the assignments are given out, we found that individuals were taking on workloads that they were either not trained to do, or they did not have the resources available. There also seems to be an issue with the budget, maybe because we have yet to see one and this is sure to lead to disaster towards the end when you should be receiving the awards....
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