Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis

By Jason Brummitt

BUS 210 Foundation of Business


Kalaveeta Mitchell

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I choose the Miles Garden Carpentry company to conduct a Swot analysis on only because I

have operated and ran my own carpentry business is the past. For this reason, I feel I am able to better

assess the potential strengths and weakness and the possible opportunities and threats that may be

associated with the company. After thoroughly looking over the business plan for Miles Garden

Carpentry I have identified several areas for each of the four functions in the Swot analysis.

Threats to this new business endeavor are the current competition that the business plan fails to

go into clear detail about. Although it is said that Joan Miles has a lasting relationship with many of

the local new construction home builders, the construction industry is more often than not based upon

best price for the job. A lasting relationship can be beneficial to Joan Miles. Also if the business model

is accurate with the vast growth in the Old Town section of Evansville, this too possess the threat of

addition competition that may be larger construction firms which are not mentioned in the business

model. One final threat that the company may have is evident in the monthly sales forecast. Since this

is a garden focused company, the demand is low in the non-seasonal months of winter. In fact, the

sales forecast shows a drop to below 12 thousand in a month. When you figure in payroll and supplies,

these months lose profits.

The company has a few areas for opportunity. As discussed previously, the area is undergoing a

large increase in population with an estimated 10 percent increase per year. The business plan also

states that the designs for building decks can be tailored to fit many different scenarios. Since the

entrepreneur already has a solid relationship with at least three different home builders, the company

has a demonstrated the ability to have strong initial footing for revenue. This of course does not take

into consideration the potential competition from under bidding, but a strong relationship that has

demonstrated quality work in the past does work for the company's favor. The payroll forecast shows a

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relatively decent increase in the three other employees to be employed which will in turn help to

maintain a good working relationship between the entrepreneur and the employees. One opportunity

that does not work in the favor of the projected company is the single line vision for services provided.

If the company was to offer additional services that are not seasonal in nature, like exterior trim work

for example, the revenues may not suffer during the non-seasonal months of the year.

When looking at the business plan, only a few weaknesses appear to possibly hinder the

entrepreneur. One weakness is found within the projected growth rate for the Old Town area of

Evansville. On the Executive Summary page, the growth rate is stated to be ten percent annually over

the past ten years. However, on the Market Analysis Summary, it is stated that the city has been

growing by 15 percent annually. It is stated that that the company will focus on the Old town area

which has a ten percent growth, but if the perspective customers were broaden to the entire city of

Evansville, the potential growth for the company would be more impressive than what is written in the

business plan. There is also no mention as to where the products would be obtained from and whether

or not there...
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