Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
Bus 210
August 21, 2011

SWOT Analysis
The business plan which I choose to discuss is the Coffee Shop business plan, Java Culture. This business plan disclosed a great amount of detailed information regarding the prospective business venture. Java Culture will be owned in mass by Arthur Garfield and James Polk and whom will be providing the majority of the budget with which the business be directed. Both Mr. Garfield and Mr. Polk have extensive experience in the field of their prospective business venture, yet the proposed business plan may have some possible risks and flaws to be discussed throughout this paper. Strengths

Some strong points in the Java Culture business plan are the knowledgeable staff members who will be working the café and tending to customers as well as the management team, which will be employed to handle the direct and financial business matters. The front line staff members will also have an advantage with the necessary and beneficial employee training that will be offered through Java Culture Café. Another strong point in the business plan of Java Culture is the small monetary amount remaining to be financed through a bank; this should make it much simpler to fund the organization through its initial “birth period”. The proposed environment of the coffee shop is one more strong point in this business venture, since the environment is a diverse concept not yet attempted by the competitor coffee shops in the surrounding area. Opportunities

Since Oregon has cold, long rainy seasons, the demand for hot beverages has been on the rise in this area. Another factor making hot beverages such as coffee, lattes, and other coffee orientated drinks in popular demand, even in hot seasons, is the fact that the shop will be located within walking distance from The University of Oregon. This fact, in addition to the close proximity to other high traffic spots, suggests that the products to be distributed by Java Culture Café...
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